children's comments

mere museum

The Museum enjoys a very good relationship with Mere School.  A few years ago the Museum gave the school  a tower showcase, and each year a group of children visit the Museum to choose objects and photographs for a themed display.  At least twice a year, teachers bring a group of pupils to look at the current exhibition and these visits often finish with a quiz!  These pictures and comments came from a Museum visit in the spring of 2013.


Charlotte ‘My favourite thing in the Museum was the Bead-Laying game and the fossil because I like old games and art and the fossil was interesting and different.’

Poppy  ‘I liked the Tiddly Winks and the weighing scales because it’s really fun and old.’

Molly  ‘My favourite thing was the horse.  It felt like wood but it was plaster.  I also liked the Bead-Laying game.’

Oliver  ‘I really like the plaster horse and all the army caps because they’re interesting and feel lovely.’

Sarah Jayne  ‘I like the horse.’

Georgia  ‘I liked the old photos of Mere.  I also liked the bonnets – they were fun to wear.’


Carly ‘I really liked the weights because they are very old and precious.  Also I loved the pictures!’

India-Skye ‘I liked the new photos of Mere.  I also loved trying on the old hats and bonnets.’


Jett  ‘I liked the poor box because it’s amazing that they used these to give money to the poor in those times.  I also liked the hats.’

Connor  ‘My favourite thing was the hats because they are cool and you can make up play with them.’


Jasmine  ‘My favourite thing in the Museum was the Bead-Laying game because I like art and making things and that has to do with it.  I also liked the hedgehog picture.’